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Automic® empowers teams to build, use, and run an “Automation Center of Excellence” to evolve from job scheduling to Continuous Delivery, Digital Business Automation, and AIOps use cases.




DevOps is now mainstream, with digital front-end apps catching the eye and capturing the imagination. Cloud-based software vendors are taking advantage of this by telling enterprise IT to rip and replace its back-end systems and re-desing them in the cloud.

Automic Release Automation provides a cost-effective alternative, weabing agility to your ecisting, tries-and-tested systems. Operations can be agile and Automic is the perfect complement to DevOps. Front-end apps can be built quickly with DevOps approaches that access an agile back-end


SAP Automation transforms the way you do business. Traditional business practices are under pressure from new digital disruptors, and that demands a higher level of process automation-much of it in near real-time. However, that SAP automation isn’t easy, given the need to include new cloud applications, external data sources, and third-party infrastructure platforms. Your SAP automation environment also needs to orchestrate processes spanning on-premise SAP and other enterprise applications, database platforms such as SAP HANA, and more. Agile SAP operations with a unified interface, unified analytics and reporting, and unified SLA management gives you the control back.




ORACLE Automation removes the manual business processing. Automic workload automation executes core business, application and infrastructure processes across Oracle on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments. It delivers a unified, flexible approach to automation that can be adopted incrementally, providing end-to-end visibility across the entire business.

This enables organizations to apply modern automation policies to their workload, regardless of application or technology. This results in resources being released from manual business processing, eliminating processing errors, and issues are resolved faster.


Finance Automation using Automic automates and manages the financial processes you are currently conduncting manually. The solution enables you to create, execute and monitor finance business processing quickly and easily, across on-premise as well as private/public clouds. Errors and delays are eliminated from end-to-end processes.

Your interconnected finance data flows to the front-line more quickly. You gain control and free up time and resources to devote to more financial analysis.




Automic Data Automation accelerates and controls your data warehousing processes for timely, accurate, complete business analytics. You benefit from faster data integration cycles, immediate reporting distribution, faster implementation of new data warehousing processes and compliance across your data flows. Faster data analysis enables Agile Operations, meaning IT Operations can actually drive agility rather than delaying the realization of business strategy as it often has in the past.


Workload Automation integrates end-to-end workflow visibility and control across platforms, technologies, applications and existing automation tools. This eliminates up to 90% of manual errors increasing workload processing efficiency.

Enables more users to create workflows by eliminating scripting and decreasing the specific knowledge required to automate applications. Ensure compliance with a centralized audit trail of your processes, errors and remediation.




Automic Continuous Service helps cover your needs for delivering simple or complex IT services requested by your users, via a self-service portal or any other trigger. Today’s reality in IT paints a different picture. Widespread complexity tackled with no reliability, no scalability and no visibility means no time to value.

Continuous Service from Automic enables you to evolve ecisting data center assets and helps you to integrate your hybrid and cloud initiatives without ripping and replacing existing IT investements and skills.


Job Scheduling Automation helps you achieve efficiency. This reduces capital expenditure by up to 50% and operational costs by around 30%. It also helps Accelerates throughput, creating extra time to get more work done. Assuring on-time delivery of up-to-date management reports. Increasing productivity with fewer incidents and less time fixing problems. Delivers end-to-end visibility and control of your IT processes and ensures compliance with IT audits and helps avoid crippling penalty payments.




Automic Cloud Automation provides the agility your business needs, by automating the delivery of personalized IT services. It provides a single solution for private cloud release automation, and support for various release automation tools, abstracted from diverse indrastructure services.

Through a self-service catalog, users request and manage a wide range of multi-vendor, multi-cloud applications, infrastruture and custom services. Policy-based governance assures that users receive the right size resources for the tast that needs to be performed across the service lifecycle. A flexible automation approach provides agility in deploying new IT services while leveraging existing investments by mapping into the current infrastrucre, processses and environments.


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