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Ixia provides testing, visibility, and security solutions to strengthen applications across physical and virtual networks.


ThreatARMOR™ cuts straight to the core of the problem by automatically blocking much of the network communication that malware needs to download instructions or transmit sensitive data. It prevents network probes, phishing clicks, and all traffic to and from untrusted countries. This reduces the risk from attacks such as zero-day ransomware mutation along with up to 80% of the malicious connections that threaten the network and generate floods of security alerts. Ixia’s ATI Research Center provides an always-on stream of geolocation and threat intelligence for ThreatARMOR—individually validating every single blocked IP address, every single day. Detailed Rap Sheets provide clear, on-screen proof of malicious activity for all blocked sites to mitigate the risk of false positives. 


Get fail-safe inline protection for all network monitoring tools with Ixia’s very-high-density bypass switch, iBypass VHD. You’ll improve overall network reliability, increase application availability, and add the convenience and cost savings of remote monitoring and control—all important requirements for any enterprise deployment. Ixia iBypass VHD provides built-in tap, regeneration, and aggregation functions and the following unique capabilities:

  • Pre-configured heartbeats
  • Central Management Support
  • Very High Density
  • Redundant Or Serial Active Tool Support
bypass switch


Hawkeye quickly and effectively validates network performance, isolates problems, and proactively detects issues by running scheduled verification tests on any site using wireline or wireless connections. Using a combination of hardware and software agents called Performance Endpoints, Hawkeye simulates application traffic and sends key performance metrics to a central console for fast action. The agents provide remote site end users perspectives on network performance and empower network managers with proactive ways to detect, diagnose, and fix issues. Measurements range from network quality to user experience and Wi-Fi monitoring, enabling administrators to improve overall network uptime and detect network performance issues before they impact end users. Easy to deploy and simple to use, Hawkeye lets IT get straight to assessing networks and applications.


Aided by integrated AppStack capabilities, Ixia’s Vision ONE network packet broker (NPB) enables you to filter and visualize not only Level 2-4 traffic, but also Layer 7 application traffic, so that suspicious applications can be tagged and watched. This provides security advantages as users can quickly spot rogue applications or unusual activity, including traffic or packets coming or going from unauthorized geographies, or questionable file transfer protocol (FTP) transfers conducted on sensitive data in the middle of the night.

bypass switch


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