Memotec – Secur Links Network And Technologies, Inc.

Memotec is a well-known Quebec company with an international customer base. With a closely-knit team of experienced telecom engineers and successful business professionals, Memotec is a company with a culture that is deeply rooted in teamwork and team building.


Memotec’s CX-U Series is a dedicated satellite cellular backhaul platform delivering Radio Access Network (RAN) optimization, and A/E voice trunks compression. The CX-U is typically deployed to reduces the bandwidth required to backhaul cellular traffic, or to increase the capacity of the BTS within existing satellite segment. Therefore avoiding costly forklift network upgrades. In both cases, the result is a significant reduction in operating and capital expenses with improved RAN efficiency and profitability.


The CX-UA represents Memotec’s the new latest generation of products specifically designed for 2G, 3G and 4G network capacity expansion and migration to IP/Ethernet backhaul infrastructure.

The solution also performs media adaptation (TDM to Ethernet / Ethernet to TDM), and traffic aggregation allowing to free up to 75% capacity which may then be used for deploying additional services such as HSPA+ and 4G/LTE.


The CX-UD is ideal for reducing the cost of supporting TDM-based voice circuits across bandwidth constrained links or satellite. Leveraging Memotec’s expertise in voice optimization, the CX-UD is based on the latest generation of CODECs (AMR) ensuring higher voice quality, while maintaining a high compression/bandwidth efficiency ratio. AMR is highly recommended in a Mobile environment where voice is already compressed at the radio cell level.


The Memotec CX-FX solution is a dedicated platform for reducing the overhead attributed to deploying MGWs and at the Nb interface. Through our advanced IP header and payload compression methods, the CX-FX typically delivers greater than 50% bandwidth savings at the Nb interface essentially doubling the capacity without having to double the network infrastructure.


NetPerformer® voice and data routers combine the functionality of a data router and a voice gateway in a single device, enabling organizations to create digitally converged networks.

Adding specific features such as airLINX for Air Traffic Control, the NetPerformer makes better use of VSAT links than any traditional Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) technologies — without sacrificing quality of service.


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