ScienceLogic – Secur Links Network And Technologies, Inc.

ScienceLogic is a software and service vendor. It produces (IT) management and monitoring solutions for IT Operations and Cloud Computing. The company’s product is a monitoring and management system that performs discovery, dependency mapping, monitoring, alerting, ticketing, runbook automation, dashboarding and reporting for networks, compute, storage and applications.



ScienceLogic’s real-time, dynamically generated application dependency and network infrastructure maps visually present how all your IT resources work together to make isolating root cause and remediation across domains easy and fast.

Automatically discover and map dependencies in real-time among your network, storage, cloud compute, monitoring, application, and service resources so you can proactively monitor and optimize configurations (CMDB) and the health and performance of IT resources.

Achieve higher levels of productivity, reduce or eliminate the risk of human error, streamline and automate operational processes within and across organizational silos, and free up time to focus on more important business critical tasks. Easily integrate with other enterprise management tools and chain them together for full visibility and improved operational efficiency.



Stay in control of your evolving infrastructure with ScienceLogic’s intelligent auto-discovery.

Our patented solution automatically discovers resources using a succession of monitoring policies to iteratively uncover and collect element configuration, asset, and performance detail—in highly dynamic environments—with no action required by the user.

Stop looking for a needle in a haystack when issues occur. Built-in event correlation and incident management help you avoid a flood of false events.

Escalate and alert on critical events for rapid problem resolution and consistent service performance. Make sure the right people receive the right alerts at the right time.




The ScienceLogic Platform includes some of the broadest technology monitoring coverage in the industry. Beyond networks, servers, and operating systems, covers all major public clouds (AWS, Azure, Google, IBM and Aliyun) as well as multiple virtualization solutions (VMware, Hyper-V, Xen and KVM), storage arrays, Unified Communications and Videoconferencing, and wireless.


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